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Build a stronger community through leadership, support and service.

Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick

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Who We Are

The Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick Inc. is a registered charitable organization. Through the promotion of volunteering, the center supports over 150 registered not-for-profit agencies/organizations from the Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview areas by responding to requests for recruitment community volunteers. It has been active for over 40 years.

Our commitment

  • Deliver creative solutions to serve the needs of the community.
  • Promote volunteering, coordinate resources and people…

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Volunteers Needed

We are recruiting for In-House Volunteer Greeters for our office. One morning 9 to 12 or one afternoon 1 to 4 a week would be ideal. Position would greet those coming to the office and may involve some administration tasls, for example, putting together information packages, updating files. data input, etc. {depending on volunteer’s experience} – All volunteers Welcome!

Interested volunteers please contact Debbi leBlanc, Volunteer Coordinator at 869-6905 or by e-mail at d.leblanc@volunteergreatermoncton.com

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Volunteering is rewarding.

You can:

  • Learn more about the community and what it has to offer
  • Create practical work experience
  • Enjoy the feeling of making a contribution
  • Meet people and build new relationships

To volunteer, you may fill out a general application form or choose from the volunteer positions posted in the next section and fill out the specific application form.

Recently added volunteer opportunities.

Security / Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada
Tour guide / MR21
SESAC Volunteer / South East Sexual Assault Centre (SESAC)
Donor Center Volunteer / Canadian Blood Services
Community Engagment Volunteer / Canadian Blood Services
Fracture Prevention Educator / Osteoporosis Canada

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As a newcommer, your benefits of becoming a volunteer…

Information Flyer… PDF
Application form for newcommers

Volunteering in your new community

Click on the language of your choice.
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Arabic, Filipino, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, English

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For 30 years, ENSEMBLE has been helping people who live with complex social challenges.

Our vision is to build a community that fosters diversity, inclusion and health through empowerment and hope. Although we remain at the front line of infectious disease prevention, our work has expanded to include building alliances among other service providers. Our message is that we are all in this together.

Do you spend time thinking about the welfare of others? Want to build a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth to live, learn and love safely? Are you concerned about the effects of the opioid crisis on your community? Yes? Then ENSEMBLE’s Board is looking for new members just like you! We need your ideas, your perspective, and your voice.

As a Board member you will help shape the changes and set the tone for the organization’s future. Your commitment is to nine monthly meetings of two hours or less, plus one to two special meetings for a three-year period.

To find out how you can join the ENSEMBLE Board, please call (506) 859-9616. Ask to speak with Michael Zinck (President) or Debby Warren (Executive Director).

Open the PDF document for all the information

Volunteers wanted

Volunteers wanted for Meals on Wheels Moncton and Dieppe

We need your help

The new centre helps 1,500 low-income families in the Moncton area. We need your help.

Several volunteer opportunities


To greet the clients as they enter the center or call, and ensure they have an appointment and direct them to waiting are to go into intake. Key responsibilities would be: to provide an environment that is safe and non-judgmental, make appointments over phone or walk-ins, ensure that coffee/tea/snacks are available for clients, keeping the area of that station tidy and clean. If the clients list of the day have any reviews scheduled, collecting files from cabinet to ensure that the intake worker receives when the client is called in then return those files at the end of day. Other duties if required, subject to changes.
Qualifications: Excellent customer service skills, Strong communication skills, maintain a positive non-judgmental attitude, Computer skills an asset.
Please contact Monica at 804-4941


This volunteer will meet one on one with the client, which will take place in a private office space allocated for that purpose for confidentiality. Key responsibilities; reviewer may be required to do a financial assessment to reveal the need for the visits to the center for service and offer information and resources. Verifies client is registered in the computer system using their current up to date NB Medicare card for the individual and the others in household if any, verifies the current address. Input info for communicating the notes pertinent to the client and appointment for following visit, food count is recorded
Subject to change, other duties as required
Qualifications: Excellent customer service skills, strong communication skills, positive attitude and non-judgmental, computer skills an asset
Please contact Monica at 804-4941


These volunteers will be able to work well with others, maintain a positive non-judgmental attitude, good communication skills adaptable to change, follow direction from team leaders that we have designated to provide the day to day requirements of product distribution etc. May have duties change on day to day and then helping others if you see the need once you are through for cleaning, defrosting freezers, cleaning lunch area
Qualifications: Ability to follow direction and work as team player, Have a positive attitude, energetic, some mobility, reaching, bending, lifting
Please contact Monica at 804-4941


The receiving of shipments working with the volunteer from warehouse deliveries, and other sources of deliveries there will be a need to wear proper outerwear, footwear weather pending. Needs to have the ability to have a good communication with all other workers to inform the product information, quantity and other. There is a day to day change and adaptability to the changes and other working volunteers. Team player is a must. Ability to move, bend, lift, fast paced at times environment
Other Key responsibilities: Clean work space, safety and respect for others working, creating crates and following food guides for expiry or other conditions to be safe. Work flow for everyone sharing that work space. Replenishing out front stock as needed, product code marking, sorting, packing, repacking, portioning.
And any other duties as required and subject to change
Qualifications: Ability to follow direction well and adapt to change, work as a team player and liaison between center and depot at times , physically challenging at times, lifting, bending, reaching, keeping area clean and tidy maintain always fire exit clearings. Maintain a positive attitude.
Please contact Monica at 804-4941


Volunteers can be responsible for overall maintenance of the front garden beds, property landscape, and the Community Garden in the back. Duties include pulling weeds, prepping soil, adding soil, planting, watering and tending to the plants, cleaning the parking lot and grass area, picking up garbage around the property, other general cleaning and care taking.
Time requirement- one to 5 shifts per week Please contact Chantal Executive Director Chantal.senecal@fooddepot.ca


Volunteers can develop and facilitate mini workshops on subjects related to food security, finances, mental health, and basic life skills.
Time requirement – as schedule allows. Please contact Chantal Executive Director Chantal.senecal@fooddepot.ca


A volunteer that would like to lead a group of community members in an activity that utilizes the Medavie Community Kitchen and aligns with its mandate. Have an idea for an activity or group? Have kitchen expertise? The Medavie Community Kitchen is looking for facilitators and program leaders to fill out its activity calendar. Please contact our kitchen coordinator at adam.obrien@fooddepot.ca


Any one who wants to participate in the Medavie Community Kitchen. No expertise or cooking skill needed. Just a positive attitude and a will to help. From food preservation, community meals, fundraising and more; the Medavie Community Kitchen will need an amazing crew to work! To join the Crew, contact our kitchen coordinator at adam.obrien@fooddepot.ca

Family Enrolment Support

The Military Family Resource Centre is looking for volunteers to assist at military enrolment ceremonies around the province of New Brunswick, specifically in Moncton and Saint John. Responsibilities for this volunteer role would include welcoming the families of the new military member and offering them information about the services the MFRC offers and our role in supporting the family. We would also ask that the family be presented the military family insignia and be told the significance of being a part of the military community. Training for this opportunity will be provided.

If you are interested in assisting with this opportunity please sign up or contact
Here is the link to the our volunteer site, and application form.
Family Enrolment application form

Riverview & Memramcook

If you have a few hours a week and would like to help your neighbour or someone in need of transportation, we are currently looking for Volunteer Drivers. Volunteer Drivers can make such a difference in somone’s life by driving them to a medical appointment, food bank, or shopping, etc.

Drivers’ are reimbursed reimubursed 0.35 c/kilometre and must complete screening requirements.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Driver, please contact 962-3073.
Riverview poster
Memramcook poster

Kitchen helpers needed

Require two people each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11AM to 1 pm to assist in serving food or cleaning dishes. lunch included. Very rewarding work helping us feed 150 + people a day who need a hot meal.

Requirements: 16 years of age +
13-17 with adult supervision

Fully Accessible Workplace
Language for the opportunity: English and French are an asset

Basement St. John’s United Church, corner of Alma and Victoria
Person in charge of volunteer:
Bruce Lawson, Manager
506 854-3837

Call for Volunteers

Call for Volunteers The Riverview Boys & Girls Club is looking for volunteers to help with their recycling program.

We are going to expand with a west end depot and we are looking for help sorting the recyclables that get dropped off by residents. It can be any time on any day that is convenient for you. We have a small building that will have all the necessary equipment for sorting, such as the big bags and gloves.

If you have a few hours a week or an evening that you can give a couple of hours to drop by, we would be very appreciative.

You can get more details on how to help the “Enviro-Kids” program by calling either Lynda at 387-7070 or Nigel at 866-1372.

Our Food Southeast NB

Steering Committee Members (2-3)
Term: 2 years (with renewal)
Hours: 5-10 per month

Our Food Southeast New Brunswick (Our Food SENB) is a regional network, consisting of individuals and organizations who work to increase access to healthy, just, and sustainable food. Our Food SENB works in partnership with the United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern New Brunswick. We support the food movement in Southeast NB by working together to grow connections and make easy, fair, and sustainable food access a reality for all. We believe that food provides common ground for working together and supporting vibrant communities, resilient people, and healthful lands.
Open the PDF document for all the information

Volunteers needed!

The volunteer services department at the Dr. Georges-L.- Dumont University Hospital Centre is recruiting people who have a few hours a week to give towards a fulfilling experience in healthcare, helping to enhance the patient experience.

To apply to become a volunteer please contact us at 862-4267, by e-mail: volunteers@vitalitenb.ca or by completing an application form on the Vitalité Health Network’s web site: www.vitalitenb.ca.

To be eligible for the fall session, please apply before September 9th. Thank you.

Please note that written and spoken competence in French and spoken competence in English are required. This is needed due to the Francophone nature of our facilities and to ensure services to the patients in the Official language of their choice.

Thank you

Several volunteers

Food DEPOT Alimentaire (FDA) is a registered non-profit charity that services more than 30 agencies including food banks, community soup kitchens, supportive organizations and school lunch/after-school programs in southeastern New Brunswick. We need your help.


FDA operates three delivery trucks from our warehouse. Driver’s license certification for 5 Ton (Class 5 *air brakes), Class 5 for Cube Vans, driving abstracts and a demonstration of ability will be required prior to drivers being allowed to operate the delivery trucks.
FDA certified personnel will assist potential drivers/operators to become qualified by providing equipment orientation sessions. FDA equipment and vehicles shall be operated by authorized personnel only who are expected to accept responsibility for the safe operation of the equipment or vehicle at all times.
Contact: Ken.Canning@fooddepot.ca


Valid certificate of training and a demonstration of ability will be required prior to operation of warehouse forklift. We use Power Jacks in our warehouse as well as hand jacks, training is provided and steel toe foot ware is a requirement.
Contact Ken.canning@fooddepot.ca


Volunteers in our Warehouse sort and mark off bar codes of the food we collect from food drives, as well as food collected on a daily basis from our local stores and businesses, cans and dry goods are checked for expiry dates and damages. Volunteers help in the preparation of food orders that we send to 33 Agencies in South East New Brunswick.
Contact: Ken.canning@fooddepot.ca


Several times per year Food Depot Alimentaire has on site events where we collect food and donations, Volunteers greet people and accept the food with the assistance of FDA staff, it is then brought back to our warehouse on 330 MacNaughton Ave for processing.
Contact Chantal.Senecal@fooddepot.ca


Volunteers would assist our Administrative Manager with Filing of receipts, answering phones, and light office duties as well as recording and tracking of volunteer hours

Contact: Chantal.senecal@fooddepot.ca


Our warehouse offices require light duty dusting and cleaning a few times per week, there is no heavy lifting required and any help is greatly appreciated.
Contact: Ken.canning@fooddepot.ca


Integration Through Volunteering

Oct.3rd, 2019 – For many new comer families one spouse is gainfully employed while the other isnt. With time on their hands and feeling a little lost in a new place volunteering is one way to feel more at home in the community. The Volunteer Bureau for Southeast New Brunswick launched a video project that explains to new comers why volunteering can be a win-win. And its been done in several third-languages. The Executive Director of the VBSENB Annette Vautour now says their project has garnered national attention.


Newcomers volunteering

How can your organization make volunteering more accessible for newcomers?

 Encouraging Newcomer Immigrants to get involved in their new community

Multi-lingual (5 languages) promotion video

Please refer to the following instructions on viewing and downloading the videos to your website.

The procedure is the same as downloading an image to your computer.

  1. Go on the Volunteer Center home page
  3. Under Volunteering in your new community VIDEOS, click on the language of your choice.
  4. The video will open on a new webpage.
  5. Put your cursor on the video and open the context menu. A context menu (also called shortcut or pop-up menu) is a menu that appears upon a right-click mouse operation.
  6. From the context menu, click on ‘DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO.’

*Refer to the attached document.

Community Partners

Westmorland/Albert County

WA Transpo is now receiving driver requests for the following transportation programs; Tele Drive Albert County, Rural Rides Petitcodiac/Salisbury, Tantramar Rural Rides and the Volunteer Driver Program. We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our services to now include the Shediac and Memramcook Area {all of Westmorland and Albert County}.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver for any of the above driving programs or would like to schedule a drive you can contact our dispatcher at 962-3073 or by e-mail at

Volunteer Canada is very excited to share with you that the new Canada Service Corps has launched!


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a new national service initiative for Canadian youth. This initiative will provide a number of ways for youth to engage in service to their communities, including an online volunteer matching platform, created in collaboration with Volunteer Canada. This platform will enable young Canadians to find and be matched with volunteer opportunities locally and across the country!


Find more information about Youth Service Canada and the new youth volunteer opportunities platform:

Awesome volunteer community effort! http://becauselove.mw.church/


We have rooms available for meeting or training purposes.

Training Room comfortably accommodates 25 people at table or 45 people in theatre style
$30.00 per hour / $70.00 for a 3 hour period / $130.00 full day
Fill out a request form.


CRANDALL students volunteering

An initiative of Crandall University as part of the Community Practicum (CCP)
Volunteer opportunities

U de M students volunteering

An initiative of FÉÉCUM (Fédération des étudiantes et étudiants du Campus universitaire de Moncton)
Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering is an opportunity to give back to the community of Greater Moncton. Being a Volunteer Greeter is the highlight of my week!

Tom Blanchard

Volunteer Driver assisting one our clients to an appointment.   ‘Your commitment to volunteering many years in our community is outstanding’, Debbi LeBlanc, Volunteer Coordinator.

Fred Kinder