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National volunteer week


The Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick is calling for nominations of deserving youth volunteers.   The #Beccatoldmeto Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award was created in honour of Becca Schofield as her #Beccatoldmeto acts of kindness has inspired so many young individuals to make a difference in our community. 

NVW Tri-Community Breakfast Event. Tuesday, April 16th, 7:30 to 9:00 Tickets on Sale Now

NVW Tri-Community Breakfast Event Tuesday, April 16th – 7:30 to 9:00 at Coliseum Arena

National Volunteer Week 2024

NVW 2024.
More information about a community event coming soon!!!!!

Who We Are

The Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick Inc. is a registered charitable organization. Through the promotion of volunteering, the center supports over 150 registered not-for-profit agencies/organizations from the Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview areas by responding to requests for recruitment community volunteers.

Our commitment

  • Deliver creative solutions to serve the needs of the community.
  • Promote volunteering, coordinate resources and people…

We are hiring !

“I’m feeling good at the legacy of the building we helped to create, dedicated to the community as a wonderful space to welcome newcomers and our new location a peaceful spot to focus on creating opportunities for citizens to give back to the community”.  Our work continues! 

Annette Vautour

VCB Executive Director

The Volunteer Centre Administration Staff moved to their new office
on Monday, September 11th
located at 795 Main Street, Suite 301.

upcoming community events

Kim Halliday Memorial Community Mentorship Scholarship Award

(A division of the Ron Smyth Memorial Scholarship)

The Committee of the Ronald P. Smyth Memorial Scholarship Fund and the United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern NB Region believe that change starts here in our communities. There is no limit to the potential good that can happen when people reach out to their peers, or when caring, concerned adults enter the lives of young people.

Champions of their community, friends to many and advocates for so many more, *Kim Halliday and *Ron Smyth took every opportunity to get involved in their community and worked to bring out the best in every person and every situation.

Kim and Ron inspired change. They helped improve and build the strengths and assets of the community. They were wonderful mentors and changed lives and our community for the better.

In the spirit of community champions, the committee of the Ronald P. Smyth Memorial Scholarship Fund and the United Way are seeking nominations from community organizations for the fifth annual Kim Halliday Memorial Community Mentorship Scholarship Award (A division of the Ron Smyth Memorial Scholarship).

The candidate who best meets the criteria will receive an award up to a maximum of $5,0001 for one year (up to $2,500.00 per term): demonstrated costs must be documented.

All information must be sent to the scholarship committee by the deadline date of March 24th, 2024.

Over time, it is the Committee’s hope that the recipients of the Kim Halliday memorial Community Mentorship Scholarship Award will collectively represent a strong group of community-minded citizens who recognize the importance of pursuing dreams, providing opportunities to others, valuing life-long learning and giving back to their respective communities.

Please send nominations to:
United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern NB Region office@moncton.unitedway.ca (506) 858-8600

How this works
The scholarship will be awarded to a young person or an adult learner who has demonstrated a commitment to learning, strong personal character, and an intellectual desire to pursue a post-secondary education; however due to very challenging financial circumstances this person may be unable or unlikely to pursue this goal.

We are looking for people who have exhibited a spark, a desire that translates into a readiness to pursue their education.

While the Committee recognizes that there are a number of resources available to students requiring financial assistance for educational costs, we feel that there are some adult and youth learners for whom this help is not enough. In building the road to life-long learning, we know that financial stress is not the only challenge to completing post-secondary education. On top of these stresses, often, the potential financial burden on the learner effectively prevents that person from even considering post-secondary education as an option.

How this scholarship is different!
This scholarship requires a unique partnership. Your role is what makes this award different. In choosing to nominate a youth or adult for this award, your organization accepts to be a mentor to this person throughout their studies.

This nomination says as much about the strengths of your organization as the potential and strengths of the young or adult learner. Through your nomination you are committing to support a young or adult learner to realize their potential given the challenges they face.

Why mentorship!

Research and experience have demonstrated the profound positive impact on a person when he or she receives support from three or more non-family adults. Your job is to create and participate in a support team of three! These three people agree to support the learner, to bring perspective, and to demonstrate care and concern. While not a requirement we encourage a candidate from outside of your organization be asked to be a part of the support team. We also recognize that changes can happen within organizations for a variety of reasons; a three-person team ensures that, in the case of one member becoming unavailable, there is still support from two others throughout the year.

Through your nomination of a young or adult learner, you will be investing in an ongoing mentoring relationship, with simple indicators to assess and strengthen the experience:

  • a minimum of three support team gatherings throughout the academic year to “check-in” with the learner
  • connecting with sister organizations or partners in the community for learners pursuing studies in another region
  • semi-annual feedback to the scholarship committee to document what you have learned about mentoring someone, and what contributes to them realizing their potential
  • supporting the learner’s access to additional/extended funding opportunities (grants, scholarships, bursaries, programs)
How to select your candidate:

The learner we are looking for: 

    1. Will have a sense of purpose within his or her community and among peers. 
    2. Will have demonstrated a financial need. (This could include such issues as a single parent household, low household income, multiple children in the household attending post-secondary education facilities or other situations which may be causing a financial burden on the family.) 
    3. Will have demonstrated a spark, a readiness to pursue academic studies, a commitment to working to achieve his or her goals, and openness to growth and change. 
      1. (For the young learner) Will have demonstrated a strong academic performance and potential. (This student won’t necessarily have the highest marks in the school, but, as stated above, shows potential. Possibly due to community involvement, scholastic involvement, working to save for school, home issues or other possible situations, his or her marks may not be where they could be.) 
      2. (For the adult learner) Will have demonstrated a keen interest in and commitment to academic studies. 
After selecting your candidate, the following will be required:
  1. Complete the nomination application. The first part is to be completed by the nominating organization, including a description of the strengths and assets of the young or adult learner, as well as the capacity of your organization to play a mentoring role (bullet points are fine!). You will also be asked to describe the composition of your support team, including contact information, and the role each member will play. You may also include additional information as an attached document. The page asking about extracurricular activities and relevant personal circumstances is to be completed by the learner.
  2. (For the young learner) Transcript of marks (Grade 11 and Grade 12 to date.) If the candidate’s marks are not where they could be for various legitimate reasons, a letter from a teacher or school administrator attesting to their potential may be included.
  3. Breakdown of expected costs: funds will be awarded to cover actual expenses, not as a single bursary.
Kim Halliday

A champion of her community, a wife and mother, sister and daughter, friend to many and advocate for so many more, Kim took every opportunity to get involved in her community and worked to bring out the best in every person and every situation.  Kim practiced the secret to living a full and rich life by giving of herself to others and participating wholeheartedly in the world around her.

She inspired change, attacked social issues head-on and was a mentor and friend to hundreds. 

In addition to raising a beautiful family, Kim helped to build the strengths and assets of the community. She lent her talents to benefit many community organizations, from local youth sports to numerous local, regional and national boards and committees including The National Board of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

Under her guidance as Executive Director, The United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern New Brunswick was able to reach its first $1 million fundraising goal.  Kim then went on to establish her own successful business as a private consultant to non-profit organizations.  She helped organize and implement milestone campaigns for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Community Centre and Moncton Headstart. 

Kim also lent her considerable talents to the Atlantic Coordinating Committee on Crime Prevention and Public Safety, Mobile 1 Community Soup Kitchen, Community Foundation of Southeastern New Brunswick and Nature Conservancy of Canada, Atlantic Region.

In all she did, Kim was an inspiration to those who were fortunate to call her friend.  She knew how to nurture those around her, foster hope where there was none, and so contribute to the full spectrum of family and community life.  With ease and grace, she took action, empowered others, and without a doubt changed lives and our community for the better. 

Ron Smyth
Ron Smyth was a dedicated and well-respected individual in the lives of those he touched. He led a complete and full life in the short time he was alive. As an active participant in all the arenas of his life he contributed as a father, an educator, and community leader.

The proud father of two children, Ron always encouraged, supported and guided them in their lives. The eldest of his two children, his son Jamie, is a successful stockbroker in New York. He and his wife Ashley have three sons: William Ronald (December 2005) , Connor James (November 2007) and Owen Peter (December, 2010). His daughter Lesley founded Atlantic Wellness, offering free counselling to greater Moncton area youth ages 12-21 who are struggling with mental illness and mental health challenges. Lesley is currently a Licensed Counsellor & Mental Performance Coach at Mindfit and resides in Riverview. Ron’s spirit, laughter and humor lives on within them all.

Ron spent the majority of his career as a teacher but was seen as so much more in the eyes of his students. He would always go beyond the call of duty, selflessly giving of himself to his students. He was always there to provide guidance and always prepared to lighten the mood with a heartfelt criticism or joke. Ron was well-respected and went to great lengths to ensure that his students were confident and well prepared as they embarked on the next chapter in their future – their career. To ensure his student’s success he used the United Way Campaign to teach the application of marketing principles and practices to provide them with practical experience that would benefit them by putting what they learned in theory into practice. His laughter and voice echo in the halls of NBCC, Moncton and will continue to do so for many years to come.

An active community leader, Ron gave a great deal of time and energy to local hockey and the United Way Organization. He believed in giving back and did so with his countless efforts and hours spent volunteering and raising money. In his early days, Ron was a competitive baseball and hockey player. Later in life, his interest in hockey shone through with his extensive involvement in the South Eastern New Brunswick hockey officials’ organization. He served as the Zone 5 Chairman, supervising more than 300 officials while building a strong development program for them. Ron took personal interest in the lives of his officials and treated them as individuals. He cared what was happening in their lives and was always willing to help with whatever he could. The officials will remember him fondly while keeping his memory alive with a commemorative patch to be worn on the arm of their uniforms. His active involvement in the United Way campaign was of great benefit to the organization. For 6 years he helped them reach their goals with the aid of his students. He lived by example, demonstrating how important it is to volunteer and get involved in your community. The Department of Advanced Education and Training recognized Ron as 1 of only 6 recipients with the Excellence Award in 1998 for his community service. The United Way will miss him and his generous contribution and effort in helping them serve their cause.

Ron will be fondly remembered by the many whose lives he touched. His memory and spirit will live on in the hearts of his children, the halls of NBCC, Moncton and the many arenas of Southeastern New Brunswick.

International Volunteer Day (IVD)

International Volunteer Day (IVD) a global celebration of volunteers. It takes place every year on December 5 to shine a light on the impact of volunteer efforts everywhere.

Volunteers are leading social change around the world. This special day promotes the work of volunteers at all levels, including local, national and international.

This year, the UN marks IVD by recognizing the power of collective action: if everyone did.

If everyone volunteered, the world would be a better place. Imagine more than eight billion of us volunteering. Limitless possibilities for sustainable development – food and education for everyone, clean environment and good health, inclusive and peaceful societies, and more. Volunteerism is an enormous renewable resource for social, economic and environmental problem-solving throughout the world. As the world faces mounting challenges, volunteers are often the first to help. Volunteers are at the fore in crisis and emergencies, often in very testing and dire situations.
For more information, please visit the United Nations Volunteers website.

Volunteer Strategy


Volunteering is rewarding.

You can:

  • Learn more about the community and what it has to offer
  • Create practical work experience
  • Enjoy the feeling of making a contribution
  • Meet people and build new relationships
To volunteer, you may fill out a general application form or choose from the volunteer positions posted in the next section and fill out the specific application form.

Volunteers to prepare meals | Crossroad for women

We are looking for #volunteers to prepare meals for our shelter. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email!

Parkinson Advisory Council Member | Parkinson Canada

Parkinson Advisory Council Member
Volunteer Opportunity – Call for Applications

Parkinson Canada believes in a better life today for People Living with Parkinson’s, and a world without Parkinson’s tomorrow. Canada has some of the world’s highest rates, and it is growing quickly. People living with Parkinson’s are at the centre of everything we do at Parkinson Canada. We provide education and services, and we advocate with federal, provincial, and territorial governments on issues that matter to the Parkinson’s community in Canada. The Parkinson Research Program funds innovative research to search for better treatments and a cure.

Littératie Ensemble | Tuteur

Littératie Ensemble | Tuteur Nous recherchons des bénévoles pour devenir des tuteurs au sein du CAFi. Les bénévoles auront pour mission d’accompagner des allophones récemment arrivés au Canada, qui ne maîtrisent ni l’anglais ni le français, dans un cadre éducatif.

Orientation facilitator | Shelter Movers

Join us as an Orientation Facilitator and make a difference! 🌟
If you’re passionate about creating a meaningful difference and guiding volunteers through their onboarding journey. We invite you to sign up!
📣 Important! This opportunity is in partnership with Shelter Movers Montreal Region, so applicants must be fluent in French.
💙 To learn more and express your interest, email volunteermoncton@sheltermovers.com.

“ Volunteer Drivers Urgently Needed for Dialysis Clients “

Volunteer Drivers are urgently needed to transport some of our clients for dialysis appointments. These clients living in the rural area have no other means of finding transportation and depend on our service. We are in urgent need of volunteer drivers from the following areas: Shediac {2 clients}, Murray Corner {1}, Cap Pele {1}, Petitcodiac {1}, Havelock {1}, Riverside Albert {1}. If you live in one of these areas and can give us a few hours a week to help us out in this urgent situation please contact our Ride Coordinator at 962-3073 or urbanruralrides@gmail.com. All volunteers drivers are reimbursed at 0.46/km from their home and return.

Hospice SENB is very thankful

Hospice SENB is very thankful to Irving Consumer Products and ROYALE Kittens / Chatons for their renewed support! These donations make a big impact on the hygiene and comfort at Maison Albert House.

Volunteer services are recruting Make a difference

Do you have 4 hours, once a week, to give back to your community? It’s time to sign up to volunteer! Volunteering: Positively impacts physical and mental health Improves mood Strengthens self-confidence Improves social skills Is an excellent way of meeting people...

Volunteers to prepare meals | Crossroad for women

We are looking for #volunteers to prepare meals for our shelter. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email!


VOUR VOICE MATTERS!WE WANT TO HEAR FROM VOU. Your feedback will support improvements in your community that will help people to live healthier lives.

Through the promotion of volunteering, the Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick Inc. supports over 150 registered not-for-profit agencies/organizations from the Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview areas by responding to requests for recruitment community volunteers.

Non profit agencies, are invited to register. Fill out the Agency registration form 
If you are a registered agency needing volunteers, fill out the Agency request for volunteers form 

VOLUNTEER WEEK Greater Moncton Non-Profit Organizations

Nationally this is the week that we thank and pay tribute to all of Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers!

VOLUNTEER WEEK 2023: April 16th-22

“ The #beccatoldmeto Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award “

The #beccatoldmeto Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award was created in honour of Becca Schofield as her #Beccatoldmeto acts of kindness has inspired so many young individuals to make a difference in our community.

Striving to be a role model for agencies/organizations engaging volunteers, the Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick Inc. coordinates and/or assists with workshops and training sessions for volunteers and agencies and organizations utilizing volunteers. The “Centre” also serves as an information and consultation service to the community-at-large.

Your charitable donation is your way of saying: “Yes, Volunteers are essential to the quality of our community!” Charitable tax receipts are available with any financial donation. You can donate online.

A Place to Learn & Grow

Upcoming Training Sessions
VMPNB information
and more

Posted on our Facebook page

Tri-Community Volunteer Promotion Campaign!


Pick your own way to help out in your community or let us help you find meaningful volunteering right for you! We are asking every volunteer in our community to help us in promoting ‘helping out by volunteering’!

By proudly displaying a sticker on your rear car window or on the front door of your home or office others will learn how they can volunteer too in our great community.

Volunteers are the heart of our​ community! Sign up to get your sticker now! Stickers can be mailed to you or can be picked up at Volunteer Centre office at 22 Church Street, Suite T290
Note: a confirmed time for pick up has to be scheduled by contacting Debbi LeBlanc, Volunteer Coordinator at 869-6905 or email at d.leblanc@volunteergreatermoncton.com.

Volunteer Centres: An Untapped Resource

We’re writing this letter, signed by aligned Volunteer Centres in a robust network across the country, to speak up on how meaningful volunteerism is enabled. 

An Open Letter from Volunteer Centres Across Canada

Canadians volunteer more than anywhere else in the world. Every year, nearly 13 million individuals contribute time to an organization in their community, and during the COVID-19 pandemic hundreds of thousands more have stepped up to deliver services to those most vulnerable. While it’s clear that volunteerism is a powerful characteristic of Canadian identity, the role of Volunteer Centres—the vibrant network of 200+ agencies whose role it is to facilitate this extraordinary exchange—is far from understood, or worse yet, has been ignored. In recent weeks, we have been reminded that, in many instances, governments, funders, and even some non-profit leaders, fail to recognize the skill, resources, and infrastructure required to keep volunteers engaged and our social services afloat.


Notwithstanding a crisis, every single Canadian benefits fr om volunteer contributions because of their presence in our social fabric. Even more importantly, volunteers ensure our country’s most vulnerable community members are not left behind. This has been true for decades. The time and skill volunteers dedicate increase our country’s capacity in hospitals, shelters, food banks, schools, festivals, community sport, among others, that if paid, would exceed more than 50 billion dollars every year. 


But volunteerism is more than human capacity, and what makes volunteerism truly meaningful is that the exchange is not one-way. When a volunteer gives their time, they in turn gain empathy, understanding, and access to skills or human assets. It is this two-way relationship, enabled by skilled volunteer engagers, that makes volunteerism a meaningful, and ethical exchange of labour. Without an understanding of this important social contract, we stand to drift from volunteerism as a truly democratic function of our society.


Local, community-based Volunteer Centres across the country have built connections between non-profits and volunteer seekers from every demographic. We continue to hold an essential recruitment role that enables volunteers to find the opportunities they are looking for and organizations find the volunteers they need.


We also do so much more.


More than ever, Canada’s 170,000 non-profit and charitable organizations have turned to Volunteer Centres for answers during the COVID-19 crisis. As organizations with decades of experience, we know that it takes expertise to respond quickly and effectively to recruit, train, and manage volunteers to serve clients safely. And what’s more, we know how to leverage the skills and interest of volunteers to build meaningful roles that grow personal experience, and therefore, economic and social opportunity.


While some governments spent time, energy and money in building new structures and mechanisms to recruit and deploy volunteers at national and provincial levels, local community based Volunteer Centres have been on the front-lines in realigning their existing resources; providing training and supports for volunteer engagement; coordinating recovery efforts; and pulling together diverse partners to meet identified needs – most often without additional financial or human resources.


We have ensured that volunteering has continued to serve a vital role in our community, despite the fact that two out of thr ee charities and non-profit organizations have lost more than 30% of the revenue that allow them to deliver regular, necessary services.


As we move to a post-pandemic world, the role of locally-based Volunteer Centres is more important than ever. In an anticipated time of high government debt, limited resources, and greater community needs, the expertise of Volunteer Centres must be harnessed to ensure that we uphold the integrity of volunteerism that underpins our vibrant, and diverse society.


We’re up to the challenge.


Signatories (Central)


1. Alliance des CAB de la ville de Québec (CABQ, CABC et Cab Aide23) - Québec, QC


2. Cab de Sherbrooke - Sherbrooke, QC


3. Centre d action bénévole de Farnham - Farnham, QC


4. Centre d’action bénévole de Contrecoeur - Contrecoeur, QC


5. Centre d’Action Bénévole Domaine-du-Roy - Saint-Félicien, QC


6. Centre d’action bénévole du Granit - Lac-Mégantic, ON


7. Centre d’action bénévole La Grande Corvée - Grande-Vallée, QC


8. Centre d’action bénévole Les Hauts-Bois inc. - Murdochville, QC


9. Centre d’action bénévole soif de vivre - Saint-Rédempteur, QC


10. Centre d’action bénévole Valcourt et Région - Valcourt, QC


11. Community Development Halton/Volunteer Halton - Burlington, ON


12. Convergence action bénévole - Lévis, QC


13. Fédération des centres d’action bénévole du Québec - Montréal, QC


14. Ontario Volunteer Centre Network - Ontario


15. Pillar Nonprofit Network - London, ON


16. PIN- The People Information Network - Guelph, ON


17. Volunteer & Information Quinte - Belleville, ON


18. Volunteer Action Centre Waterloo Region - Waterloo, ON


19. Volunteer Bureau of Montréal - Montréal, QC


20. Volunteer Canada/Bénévoles Canada - Ottawa, ON


21. Volunteer Dufferin - Mono, ON


22. Volunteer Markham - Markham, ON


23. Volunteer MBC - Mississauga, ON


24. Volunteer Ottawa - Ottawa, ON


25. Volunteer Toronto - Toronto, ON


26. Volunteer West Island - Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC

Signatories (West)


27. City of Leduc - Leduc, AB


28. Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations - Edmonton, AB


29. Hanna Volunteer Association/Hanna Learning Centre - Hanna, AB


30. Propellus - The Volunteer Centre of Calgary - Calgary, AB


31. Rimbey FCSS - Rimbley, AB


32. South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre Society - Penticton, BC


33. Stony Plain Volunteer Centre - Stony Plain, AB


34. Volunteer Airdrie Society - Airdrie, AB


35. Volunteer Alberta - Alberta


36. Volunteer Campbell River - Campbell River, BC


37. Volunteer Lethbridge Association - Lethbridge, AB


38. Volunteer Nanaimo - Nanaimo, BC


39. Volunteer Strathcona Centre - Sherwood Park, AB


40. Volunteer Victoria - Victoria, BC


Signatories (East)


41. Kings Volunteer Resource Centre - Kentville, NS


42. Volunteer Centre of Southeastern N.B. Inc. - Moncton, NB


43. Volunteer Greater Fredericton - Fredericton, NB


Signatories (North)


44. Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon - Whitehorse, YK








Volunteering is an opportunity to give back to the community of Greater Moncton. Being a Volunteer Greeter is the highlight of my week!

Tom Blanchard

Volunteer Driver assisting one our clients to an appointment.   ‘Your commitment to volunteering many years in our community is outstanding’, Debbi LeBlanc, Volunteer Coordinator.

Fred Kinder


Come work in a fun casual atmosphere assisting people with physical disabilities. No experience necessary, fully paid training provided and medical benefits included. This is a 24/7 workplace with flexible part time hours, possibly full-time hours. Screening procedures are mandatory. For more information please call 506-382-9386 or email at v.roy@volunteergreatermoncton.com