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The Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick Inc. is a registered charitable organization. Through the promotion of volunteering, the center supports over 150 registered not-for-profit agencies/organizations from the Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview areas by responding to requests for recruitment community volunteers.

Our commitment

  • Deliver creative solutions to serve the needs of the community.
  • Promote volunteering, coordinate resources and people…

Board members | Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick inc

We would like to thank all of the community minded citizens who answered our call to recruit new Board Members. We had an overwhelming response! To the new Board Members joining our team, welcome aboard!

…The Volunteer Centre of Southeastern N.B. Inc. is presently accepting new applications for an opening on our Board of Directors.

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National Volunteer Week 2023

April 16 – 22, 2023

#NVW2023 #WeavingUsTogether

Volunteering Weaves us Together
Let’s celebrate our individual and collective actions in creating a strong, interconnected and vibrant community! Volunteering weaves us together, strengthening the fabric of our community by sharing our time, talent and energy to support one another.
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The National Volunteer Week theme for 2023 is Volunteering Weaves Us Together. This reveals the importance of volunteering to the strength and vibrancy of our communities through the interconnected actions we take to support one another. These diverse forms of sharing our time, talent and energy strengthen the fabric of our community.

Through volunteering we experience our interconnectedness, making our lives more meaningful. Getting involved in various ways, we find friendship, develop trust, and link our relationships. Threading these connections, we come to belong as we contribute towards the same goals.

Like each individual thread makes weaving stronger, every volunteer’s experience, perspective, and abilities add to our collective resilience. Woven together from coast to coast to coast, volunteering reinforces our ability to grow, thrive, and create change within our community, province, and country.

Knowing our volunteer contributions are valued and meaningful creates a greater sense of purpose and dedication. From helping build a home, cleaning up a park, or coaching a sports team to cooking for an ill friend, checking in on a neighbour, or helping a stranger cross the street, each action we take impacts our community’s overall wellness, now and for future generations.

During National Volunteer Week 2023, we celebrate our collective impact: through our kindness, generosity and commitment to volunteering, we weave our lives together.

Happy National Volunteer Week to all the amazing volunteers! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for what you do for your communities! It is only people like you that keep us known as one of the ‘Most Caring Communities’ in Canada! Keep up the great volunteer effort it is so appreciated by all of us!!!

Debbi LeBlanc, Volunteer Coordinator

National Volunteer Week Breakfast: 2023April 18th

Volunteer Strategy

Online survey
Upcoming webinar on May 31st – more details to follow


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend the Dementia Capable Support of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities & Dementia in Moncton June 12-14.

This is the first time this training from The NTG –  Canadian Consortium  has been offered in our area  and will a valuable learning opportunity  for service providers in the Maritime provinces.

More info

Currently registration is low and there is potential we will not meet the minimum number of registrations so if you were considering registering please do so this week to avoid the workshop being cancelled.

If you have registered staff for the two-day workshop you may want to consider one of them attending the third day for the Train The Trainer.  For a minimal additional cost this will you’re your organization an Affiliated Provincial Trainer to provide training and resources to your staff as well as in the community.  

Who Is The National Task Group –   Canadian Consortium 

A collective of professionals, academics, agency personnel and family with interest in advocacy, education, and program/services development on behalf of Canadians with intellectual and developmental disabilities at risk of or living with dementia. The Consortium has advised on matters related to developmental disabilities for the development of A Dementia Strategy for Canada: Together We Aspire and provides technical assistance and programmatic and education advice and is currently working on a national dementia project that is operating under federal funding through the Public Health Agency Of Canada.  The two curriculum instructors are co-leads on this project, together with Reena in Ontario. 

Who Are the Curriculum Instructors?

Nancy Jokinen has a MSW with a Gerontology Specialization (Lakehead University) and a PhD in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (University of Calgary).  Prior to graduate studies Nancy worked for over 20 years in services and supports for adults with intellectual disabilities and their families.  She also has experience in mental health services, long term care and a special care unit for people with dementia.  Currently Nancy is an Adjunct Professor for the School of Social Work at the University of Northern British Columbia, a Board member of the NTG in the United States, and a co-lead on the NTG-Canadian Consortium. 

Leslie Udell has a degree in Community Rehabilitation from the University of Calgary.  She spent 30 years working for an agency, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that provided residential supports to adults with an intellectual disability.  Much of her focus, over that time, was on aging related issues and dementia.  In 1998 she contributed a chapter in“Dementia and Aging Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: A Handbook” as well as another chapter, in 2014, in the book “Intellectual Disability and Dementia: Research into Practice”.  Leslie also developed and taught two courses at Red River College; Cognitive Impairment and Grief, Loss and Palliative Care and operates her own consultant business.  She is a co-lead on the NTG-Canadian Consortium.

David Richard
Executive Director
Moncton Employment & Training Services, Inc.

1250 St George Boulevard
Moncton NB   E1E 3S1
tel: (506) 858-9404 ext 202
fax: (506) 858-8090
e-mail: execdir@metsinc.ca
web: www.metsinc.ca

Join us in Fredericton at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery on June 6th and 7th 2023

Volunteering is rewarding.

You can:

  • Learn more about the community and what it has to offer
  • Create practical work experience
  • Enjoy the feeling of making a contribution
  • Meet people and build new relationships
To volunteer, you may fill out a general application form or choose from the volunteer positions posted in the next section and fill out the specific application form.

Curley Corner (Beauty Salon) Assistant | Horizon Health

Assist the stylist by escorting patients to and from their appointments, maintaining cleanliness of the salon, confirming and making appointments.

Smartphone photographer/ videographer | NB Common Front For Social Justice

We are looking for a person skilled in doing photography and videos on their smartphone. We are doing “tabling events” in the Moncton area, starting in July where we wish to document our event, including photos and brief videos of participants to this information/awareness activity

Board members and more| Lutz Mountain Heritage Foundation Inc

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us on our Board of Directors, with our Artefact Collection, Assist with our fundraising functions, and assist with our seasonal (May to September) weekly Farmers Market.

The Greater Moncton Area Gutsy Walk

The Greater Moncton Area Gutsy Walk is coming up on Sunday, June 4, 2023. We’re looking for volunteers to help organize the event, as well as helping on the day of the event.

“ Volunteer Drivers Urgently Needed for Dialysis Clients “

Volunteer Drivers are urgently needed to transport some of our clients for dialysis appointments. These clients living in the rural area have no other means of finding transportation and depend on our service. We are in urgent need of volunteer drivers from the following areas: Shediac {2 clients}, Murray Corner {1}, Cap Pele {1}, Petitcodiac {1}, Havelock {1}, Riverside Albert {1}. If you live in one of these areas and can give us a few hours a week to help us out in this urgent situation please contact our Ride Coordinator at 962-3073 or urbanruralrides@gmail.com. All volunteers drivers are reimbursed at 0.46/km from their home and return.

MAGMA-AMGM: asylum seeker needs

Hello all, At our last Resiliency meeting, Maria de Fatima Lima mentioned that MAGMA is in search of certain items to support the settlement of asylum seekers in our region. Here is a list of items in need: Portable cribBaby car seat (newborn)Stroller...

Celebrate the “Merry Month of May” with us

Greetings, If you had $50 cash to do whatever you want with, what would you do? Go to a movie? Go out for dinner with someone special? Buy yourself something you want but can’t quite bring yourself to take money from your budget for? Celebrate the “Merry Month of May”...

Know a child who could use a holiday? Now accepting applications and referrals for Summer Camp!

Every year The Salvation Army in Moncton sends 55 children (ages 6-12) who wouldn’t otherwise afford the opportunity, to Summer Blast Camp. Campers bunk in cabins at Scotian Glen on the banks of Sutherland’s River near...

National Volunteer Week recognition

National Volunteer Week - April 20th Arlo Fisher was recognized as a Volunteer Driver with Urban Rural Rides from the Town of Riverview last evening - it was even more special as this was Riverview's 50 Celebration Gala!   Arlo you make us proud - keep up the great...

Through the promotion of volunteering, the Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick Inc. supports over 150 registered not-for-profit agencies/organizations from the Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview areas by responding to requests for recruitment community volunteers.

Non profit agencies, are invited to register. Fill out the Agency registration form 
If you are a registered agency needing volunteers, fill out the Agency request for volunteers form 

VOLUNTEER WEEK Greater Moncton Non-Profit Organizations

Nationally this is the week that we thank and pay tribute to all of Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers!

VOLUNTEER WEEK 2023: April 16th-22

There are no upcoming events at this time.

“ The #beccatoldmeto Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award “

The #beccatoldmeto Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award was created in honour of Becca Schofield as her #Beccatoldmeto acts of kindness has inspired so many young individuals to make a difference in our community.

Striving to be a role model for agencies/organizations engaging volunteers, the Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick Inc. coordinates and/or assists with workshops and training sessions for volunteers and agencies and organizations utilizing volunteers. The “Centre” also serves as an information and consultation service to the community-at-large.

Your charitable donation is your way of saying: “Yes, Volunteers are essential to the quality of our community!” Charitable tax receipts are available with any financial donation. You can donate online.

A Place to Learn & Grow

Upcoming Training Sessions
VMPNB information
and more

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Tri-Community Volunteer Promotion Campaign!


Pick your own way to help out in your community or let us help you find meaningful volunteering right for you! We are asking every volunteer in our community to help us in promoting ‘helping out by volunteering’!

By proudly displaying a sticker on your rear car window or on the front door of your home or office others will learn how they can volunteer too in our great community.

Volunteers are the heart of our​ community! Sign up to get your sticker now! Stickers can be mailed to you or can be picked up at Volunteer Centre office at 22 Church Street, Suite T290
Note: a confirmed time for pick up has to be scheduled by contacting Debbi LeBlanc, Volunteer Coordinator at 869-6905 or email at d.leblanc@volunteergreatermoncton.com.

Volunteer Centres: An Untapped Resource

We’re writing this letter, signed by aligned Volunteer Centres in a robust network across the country, to speak up on how meaningful volunteerism is enabled. 

An Open Letter from Volunteer Centres Across Canada

Canadians volunteer more than anywhere else in the world. Every year, nearly 13 million individuals contribute time to an organization in their community, and during the COVID-19 pandemic hundreds of thousands more have stepped up to deliver services to those most vulnerable. While it’s clear that volunteerism is a powerful characteristic of Canadian identity, the role of Volunteer Centres—the vibrant network of 200+ agencies whose role it is to facilitate this extraordinary exchange—is far from understood, or worse yet, has been ignored. In recent weeks, we have been reminded that, in many instances, governments, funders, and even some non-profit leaders, fail to recognize the skill, resources, and infrastructure required to keep volunteers engaged and our social services afloat.


Notwithstanding a crisis, every single Canadian benefits fr om volunteer contributions because of their presence in our social fabric. Even more importantly, volunteers ensure our country’s most vulnerable community members are not left behind. This has been true for decades. The time and skill volunteers dedicate increase our country’s capacity in hospitals, shelters, food banks, schools, festivals, community sport, among others, that if paid, would exceed more than 50 billion dollars every year. 


But volunteerism is more than human capacity, and what makes volunteerism truly meaningful is that the exchange is not one-way. When a volunteer gives their time, they in turn gain empathy, understanding, and access to skills or human assets. It is this two-way relationship, enabled by skilled volunteer engagers, that makes volunteerism a meaningful, and ethical exchange of labour. Without an understanding of this important social contract, we stand to drift from volunteerism as a truly democratic function of our society.


Local, community-based Volunteer Centres across the country have built connections between non-profits and volunteer seekers from every demographic. We continue to hold an essential recruitment role that enables volunteers to find the opportunities they are looking for and organizations find the volunteers they need.


We also do so much more.


More than ever, Canada’s 170,000 non-profit and charitable organizations have turned to Volunteer Centres for answers during the COVID-19 crisis. As organizations with decades of experience, we know that it takes expertise to respond quickly and effectively to recruit, train, and manage volunteers to serve clients safely. And what’s more, we know how to leverage the skills and interest of volunteers to build meaningful roles that grow personal experience, and therefore, economic and social opportunity.


While some governments spent time, energy and money in building new structures and mechanisms to recruit and deploy volunteers at national and provincial levels, local community based Volunteer Centres have been on the front-lines in realigning their existing resources; providing training and supports for volunteer engagement; coordinating recovery efforts; and pulling together diverse partners to meet identified needs – most often without additional financial or human resources.


We have ensured that volunteering has continued to serve a vital role in our community, despite the fact that two out of thr ee charities and non-profit organizations have lost more than 30% of the revenue that allow them to deliver regular, necessary services.


As we move to a post-pandemic world, the role of locally-based Volunteer Centres is more important than ever. In an anticipated time of high government debt, limited resources, and greater community needs, the expertise of Volunteer Centres must be harnessed to ensure that we uphold the integrity of volunteerism that underpins our vibrant, and diverse society.


We’re up to the challenge.


Signatories (Central)


1. Alliance des CAB de la ville de Québec (CABQ, CABC et Cab Aide23) - Québec, QC


2. Cab de Sherbrooke - Sherbrooke, QC


3. Centre d action bénévole de Farnham - Farnham, QC


4. Centre d’action bénévole de Contrecoeur - Contrecoeur, QC


5. Centre d’Action Bénévole Domaine-du-Roy - Saint-Félicien, QC


6. Centre d’action bénévole du Granit - Lac-Mégantic, ON


7. Centre d’action bénévole La Grande Corvée - Grande-Vallée, QC


8. Centre d’action bénévole Les Hauts-Bois inc. - Murdochville, QC


9. Centre d’action bénévole soif de vivre - Saint-Rédempteur, QC


10. Centre d’action bénévole Valcourt et Région - Valcourt, QC


11. Community Development Halton/Volunteer Halton - Burlington, ON


12. Convergence action bénévole - Lévis, QC


13. Fédération des centres d’action bénévole du Québec - Montréal, QC


14. Ontario Volunteer Centre Network - Ontario


15. Pillar Nonprofit Network - London, ON


16. PIN- The People Information Network - Guelph, ON


17. Volunteer & Information Quinte - Belleville, ON


18. Volunteer Action Centre Waterloo Region - Waterloo, ON


19. Volunteer Bureau of Montréal - Montréal, QC


20. Volunteer Canada/Bénévoles Canada - Ottawa, ON


21. Volunteer Dufferin - Mono, ON


22. Volunteer Markham - Markham, ON


23. Volunteer MBC - Mississauga, ON


24. Volunteer Ottawa - Ottawa, ON


25. Volunteer Toronto - Toronto, ON


26. Volunteer West Island - Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC

Signatories (West)


27. City of Leduc - Leduc, AB


28. Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations - Edmonton, AB


29. Hanna Volunteer Association/Hanna Learning Centre - Hanna, AB


30. Propellus - The Volunteer Centre of Calgary - Calgary, AB


31. Rimbey FCSS - Rimbley, AB


32. South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre Society - Penticton, BC


33. Stony Plain Volunteer Centre - Stony Plain, AB


34. Volunteer Airdrie Society - Airdrie, AB


35. Volunteer Alberta - Alberta


36. Volunteer Campbell River - Campbell River, BC


37. Volunteer Lethbridge Association - Lethbridge, AB


38. Volunteer Nanaimo - Nanaimo, BC


39. Volunteer Strathcona Centre - Sherwood Park, AB


40. Volunteer Victoria - Victoria, BC


Signatories (East)


41. Kings Volunteer Resource Centre - Kentville, NS


42. Volunteer Centre of Southeastern N.B. Inc. - Moncton, NB


43. Volunteer Greater Fredericton - Fredericton, NB


Signatories (North)


44. Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon - Whitehorse, YK








Volunteering is an opportunity to give back to the community of Greater Moncton. Being a Volunteer Greeter is the highlight of my week!

Tom Blanchard

Volunteer Driver assisting one our clients to an appointment.   ‘Your commitment to volunteering many years in our community is outstanding’, Debbi LeBlanc, Volunteer Coordinator.

Fred Kinder


Come work in a fun casual atmosphere assisting people with physical disabilities. No experience necessary, fully paid training provided and medical benefits included. This is a 24/7 workplace with flexible part time hours, possibly full-time hours. Screening procedures are mandatory. For more information please call 506-382-9386 or email at v.roy@volunteergreatermoncton.com