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Seeking Youth Participants:

Are you passionate about the outdoors and conservation?

The WILD Outside program in Moncton is looking for adults over 18 who can volunteer as mentors and help lead youth in our exiting program alongside our CWF staff.

WILD Outside is a free extracurricular national conservation-based youth leadership program designed for any youth ages 15 to 18, no experience or prerequisites, just interest.By participating in this immersive program, young Canadians will experience opportunities for personal growth while developing and encouraging their own “conservation ethic”.

Learning from CWF facilitators & volunteers alongside their peers, youth who join the WILD Outside program will get outdoors on adventures and connect with other local participants in the planning and delivery of community-based conservation action projects in their own community.

The goal of the WILD Outside program is to inspire youth participants to develop a passion for conservation, an awareness of their natural environment and a deeper appreciation for wildlife.

It’s a fun, educational program where you can participate in a variety of conservation-themed activities, meet new friends and discover an appreciation for the outdoors in a safe, structured environment. 

If you are age 15 to 18, whether you are in high school or no longer attending, you are eligible to participate in WILD Outside. Participation in the program will not interfere with your school schedule.

Apply at 

If you have questions, please contact Caden Hebb, WILD Outside Youth Leadership Specialist at or 506-688-4296.

LEADER : Caden Hebb & Stuart Matthews



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