Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick | Crandall students

Volunteer opportunities for students

An initiative of Crandall University

Crandall University seeks to provide a transformative experience that encourages academic excellence, personal growth and development, and an ability to give back to our local and global communities.

Your Crandall journey will give you the opportunity to benefit from the highest quality research-informed academic experience. We will offer you the support that you need to make the most of your education, and assist you in developing skills and attributes that will help to make you highly employable, and able to make informed and meaningful choices about your future.

One of the primary ways we do this is through providing co-curricular opportunities for students to invest in others, as well as opportunities for the University to invest in you. Students are expected to volunteer in the community a minimum of twelve hours per semester. Students are encouraged to find placements that will allow them to develop skills or connections that may benefit their education, future career, or sense of community.

Please visit http://www.crandallu.ca/admissions/faith-service/ for more information.