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Dizolve Group Corporation: Donation Advertisement

We are Dizolve Group Corporation, a company located in Moncton, New Brunswick that is committed towards providing environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Partnered with Tru Earth, we supply our consumers with biodegradable, eco-conscious cleaners, such as laundry detergents, laundry softeners, multi-surface cleaners, and more. Our laundry strips remove the need for bulky, plastic bottles and excessive waste, prioritizing the environment with significant ease! The carbon footprint is much lower for laundry strips in comparison to the use of liquid detergents.

We are seeking charitable organizations that would be interested in receiving packages of our laundry detergent strips for charitable use or as donations. We are able to provide a donation box carrying up to 1,764 4×4 sheets, or 3500 loads of laundry to any organizations interested. We are able to provide linen-fresh scented sheets or unscented sheets.

If interested, please contact Emmaline at emmalinereid3343@gmail.com or call us at (506) 860-6561.