iMatter Youth mouvement | iMatter Youth mouvement

iMatter serves, first and foremost, youth. We are the youth who have long felt the need to make a concrete and meaningful impact towards ending the climate crisis. We are the high school environmental club leaders, the ones who watch documentaries, the ones known among our friends as environmentalists or, sometimes, “eco-geeks.” Ignoring the eye rolls we receive as we remind our friends to recycle or conserve, we seek a community of people who understand our passion and feel the same calling to make real change.

We are primarily of high-school-age (although a few of us are middle-school-age or college-age), and we hold numerous identities. There is a place in our community for all races, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and abilities, because we understand the necessity of diversity. Binding us together, our common thread is our love for life on Earth, and our willingness to step into a leadership role to protect it.

iMatter Program

The iMatter Program is designed to inspire and guide young people to find and step into their own unique power, and use it to influence climate action in their local government. The program takes place anywhere and everywhere, using Zoom, Slack and other Internet platforms – allowing youth from virtually anywhere in the United States and Canada to connect to resources, support, and one another. iMatter provides the support structure, and youth participants drive the agenda to create the work that feels most meaningful and exciting to them. Youth participants will leave the program with a strong community, a project or action that they led and completed with their local government, and the foundational skills and experiences to create and sustain a lifestyle of meaningful connection and change in service of the transition to a society that lives as if our future matters. There are also opportunities for adults to support via mentoring or fundraising.
Skills and requirements

Passion for the environment, passion for community, willingness to learn
Is there a minimum age? : 8
Ideal for :Youth

Duration : ongoing
Start and end date : 0000-00-00 / 0000-00-00
Time commitment : Flexible
Time details :

LOCATION AND ACCESSIBILITY : Anywhere in Canada Fully Accessible Workplace
TRAINING : Trainings on presenting to city council, climate action plans, climate justice


Habiletés et exigences

Y a-t-il un age obligatoire? 8
Idéal pour :

Durée :
Date de début et de fin : 0000-00-00 / 0000-00-00
Disponibilité obligatoire :
Détails :


LEADER : Lilian Barraclough

Lilian J Barraclough : iMatter Canada Program Coordinator |
1676 Larch Street Halifax, NS B3H3X1 4168988664

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