This is Brad

This is Brad!

Brad has been living with us for about a year now, in one of our Community Housing units. He recently got accepted into an Art Exhibition through CMHA! Two of his sculptures, the Scorpion and the Flower were both accepted. This past week, Brad was excited to participate in the SeeMe 2023 art exhibit in Bouctouche at the Farmers Market. This opportunity provided Brad with the chance to connect with the local art community.

Brad’s love of digital animation began in high school, and grew as he did Digital Animation, and CGI courses in his 20s. He was at the top of his class but felt like he was worth nothing. His addictions left him living alone on the street off and on for years. In 2013 he found himself going through a tough family situation, and he turned to art to help with his anxiety. Making wire sculptures and painting pictures became a hobby, and an income while he was living on the street.

The scorpion you see here represents the “Sting of Betrayal.” Creating this sculpture helped Brad work out his frustrations, but now is a hobby that brings him some fulfillment. His dream has always been to work for Pixar.

Right now, Brad’s dream is to produce music. He loves making loops, writing songs, and creating beats. He hopes to someday go to school to learn more about music producing, or to find like-minded people to help bring his dreams into a reality. He is a creative at heart and we are happy to help him on his journey. Brad’s art will be on display all month at the Bouctouche Farmers Market.