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Volunteers that are involved in our organization help us accomplish our goals and expand our vision. Their contribution is vital to the proper functioning of our daily operations, special events, fundraising, and to the relationships that we build with the youth and the community.

As a volunteer, you will be trained by our experienced staff and be there as support for our youth. We will help youth find what they need and inform them of the programs we offer at YQC (Youth QUEST Central). Things we offer are basic needs such as food, clothing, showers, internet access, to more complex programs like GED training, drug intervention and transitional housing. This along with maintaining a clean welcoming environment for are youth make this a very enriching volunteering experience.

YQC recognizes that because it works with at-risk youth and deals with a myriad of issues that come into play with clients, there is the possibility that it can attract people whose motivation to volunteer is founded on a desire to influence youth based on their experiences or is linked to their own personal, unresolved issue(s). YQC understands that volunteers may have experienced similar challenges, conditions or situations, for example, drug or alcohol addiction or homelessness, as the youth it serves, and those volunteers sometimes believe that they can help clients by telling their story. In addition, it understands that people sometimes wish to volunteer to help themselves recover from a traumatic or difficult situation in their own lives. Although YQC does not deny that people have valuable stories to tell and understands the innate human desire to overcome serious problems, its volunteer positions are not designed for this purpose.

At YQC we take a client focused approach, which means that clients are expected and encouraged to make their own decisions with the assistance of positive, constructive support from the counseling staff that work with them. Our staff has a profound understanding of youth issues, and is skilled and experienced in guiding and supporting young people. As a result, we have designed our volunteer positions to support staff members, with the aim to relieve them from tasks that take them away from counseling or other supportive activities.

At the one-on-one meeting, volunteer candidates may be asked personal and specific questions about their motivation to volunteer. The purpose of those questions is to come to an understanding of the candidate’s reasons for volunteering and to ensure that the best interests of our clients are maintained.
Skills and requirements

Volunteers complete and return the application form to the Program Manager. The application requests the volunteer’s contact information, past volunteer experiences, two references, their interests and availability. Following a review of the application, the volunteer will be contacted about the status of their application and, if applicable, a meeting time and date will be scheduled.

One-on-One Meeting
This meeting is an informal interview where the volunteer is asked questions regarding his experiences, skills and interests. This is also an opportunity for the volunteer to ask questions and to explore specifically how he may be involved with our centre. The agency?s oath of confidentiality should be discussed with the volunteer and any questions they may have concerning this document should be answered. The volunteer?s answers are to be documented onto the Volunteer Interview form, and once completed that form is to be kept in the volunteer?s file.

Criminal Record and Social Development Checks
For the safety of our clients, applicants approved to work in positions that involve or may involve direct interaction with youth are required to present a criminal record check. Depending on the nature of the offence and other considerations, a record does not always preclude a candidate from becoming a volunteer.

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Start and end date : 2017-08-23 / 0000-00-00
Time commitment : We utilize our volunteers for two specific days being Sunday afternoons from 12pm to 4pm as a second body and Thursday evening between 4pm and 7pm during our Art night called The Legacy Project.
Time details : We utilize our volunteers for two specific days being Sunday afternoons from 12pm to 4pm as a second body and Thursday evening between 4pm and 7pm during our Art night called The Legacy Project.



Habiletés et exigences

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Date de début et de fin : 2017-08-23 / 0000-00-00
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LEADER : JP Poirier

JP Poirier : Manager | Directeur
199 St-George Street Moncton, NB E1C 1V6 (506) 869-6355

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